One of the major factors that has long held back many of those who would like to gamble online has been the difficulty of getting started. Online casinos have traditionally accepted a variety of funding methods, but each of these came with their own security measures and other hassles. As most would-be gamers tend to think about gambling on the spur of the moment, these issues often proved to be stumbling blocks.

The rise of distributed currencies like Bitcoin has changed this to a large degree. With nothing more than a payment address to offer up to the world, an online casino can accept deposits from gamers that do not require anything more in the way of verification or security checks. Within minutes of sending a payment, then, a gamer can be enjoying online gambling of all sorts, with no worries about security problems or other issues.

One of the first online casinos to recognize how appealing this could be was Vera John. With over 700 digital games to offer, the casino has long been a favorite of those who love variety, and its collection continues to grow with every passing day.

By accepting Bitcoin, then, the casino immediately shot to the forefront of a new wave of online gaming destinations. No longer did users have to worry about bank transfers or gaming charges appearing on their credit card statements. From that moment on, instead, they could simply enjoy the ease of funding their activities with distributed currencies.

With a regulated, certified background to offer up to gamers, too, the casino quickly attracted a major influx of new customers. As Bitcoin and other currencies provide something in the way of anonymity, particularly compared to traditional payment methods, many people who would not otherwise be comfortable gambling online decide to make the leap.

Making for such an attractive proposition on the whole, then, it is likely that this style of casino finding is only going to grow in popularity. A number of new casinos have joined the wave of those accepting them, and the time is probably not far off when such acceptance will come to be taken for granted in the industry.

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